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Professional Roofline and Gutter Cleaning Service with 20 years of experience
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Professional Roofline and Gutter Cleaning Service with 20 years of experience

Professional Roofline and Gutter Cleaning Service with 20 years of experience. JMJ Roofline has been trading for just over 5 years, whilst many of our staff have over 20 years of expertise in Cleaning, Clearing, and Repairing.

  • Liquid Rubber Roofing
  • Re-Roofing
  • Flat Roofing
  • PVC & Roof repairs
  • Fascia and soffits, guttering and downpipes
  • PVC window sills covers
  • Dry verge & Dry ridge
  • Chimney repairs
  • 3 stage Roof cleaning

With such a wealth of experience behind us, you are unlikely to find more knowledgeable specialists anywhere. We pride ourselves on our reputation for excellent customer service. Therefore, we offer complete transparency from your initial consultation right up until the job is completed and we always do our best to take into account the unique requirements of each and every customer.


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We Provide Professional Roofline and Gutter Cleaning Services


Re-roofing your property can save you money and fix your roof problems. If you have a roof with nail sickness, leaks and poor insulation, you need a one-time re-roofing solution. This will solve the core issue and prevent future damage. Don’t waste money on frequent roofer call outs for minor repairs that won’t help your roof in the long term. Re-roof your property today and enjoy the benefits of a new roof.

Flat Roofing

If you need flat roofing services, look no further. We can handle any flat roofing project, from commercial or public building repairs and improvements, to home flat roof overlay or replacement, to garden lounge or office membrane roof installation. We are the flat roofing experts you can trust. Contact us today and let us solve your flat roofing problems.

PVC & Roof Repairs

If you need roof repairs in Northern Ireland, you need us. We offer durable and reliable roof repairs for all types and materials of roofs. We have the experience and the skills to handle any roofing structure and building construction technique. Whether you have nail rot, loose tiles, slates, cracks or holes in your roof, we can fix it. We are the roof repair experts you can trust. Don’t let your roof problems get worse. Call us today and get the best service and the best value.

Fascia and Soffits, Guttering and Downpipes

Don’t let old, rotten roofline ruin your home. Protect it from weather and nesting birds, and improve its aesthetic appeal with JMJ Roofline's roofline products. We offer fascias, soffits, guttering and cladding that are attractive, durable, weather-resistant and low maintenance. Installation is quick and easy, with no dust or mess. Save yourself from costly water damage and repairs with our roofline products. Contact us today and get a free quote. JMJ Roofline is the roofline expert you can trust.

uPVC Window Sills Covers

Don’t let the elements ruin your window. Thermal leakage, moisture seepage, and gaps can make your house look bad and cause insect infestation and penetration. Your sills will only deteriorate if you don’t act soon. Whether you need an emergency repair or a new sill size for your convenience or decoration, JMJ Roofline can help. We are the window sill experts you can trust. Call us today and get a free quote. JMJ Roofline will make your window look great again.

Dry Verge & Dry Ridge

Secure your ridge and eaves roof tiles with plastic dry verge and dry-fix ridge systems. They are the best method and are recommended by NHBC, the UK’s largest new home warranty provider. Plastic dry verge has many benefits over mortar, such as: less affected by expansion and contraction; not affected by UV or freeze/thaw; no moisture on roof batten; no maintenance; easy and quick to fit. Contact us today and get a free quote. We are the plastic dry verge experts you can trust.

Chimney Repairs

Don’t neglect your home’s chimney. It is a vital part of your roofing set up, whether you use it or not. Storm and weather can damage your chimney and its lead flashings and cause problems. You need our chimney repairs service. We can handle any chimney repair work, such as sandstone chimney stacks and parapet walls, re-pointing, rendering, capping and chimney pot replacement. We are the chimney repair experts you can trust. Call us today and get a free quote. We will make your chimney look great again.

3 Stage Roof Cleaning

Get rid of algae and other pollutants on your roof with our expert roof cleaning service. They can damage your tiling and gutters and make your roofing look bad. Our expert roof cleaning team uses a proven chemical treatment to remove growth and destroy biofilm. You don’t want algae, moss, and other pollution to ruin your roof and your home. We will clean your roof thoroughly and prevent damage to your tiles. Contact us today and get a free quote. We are the roof cleaning experts you can trust.

Liquid Rubber Roofing

If you are looking for a waterproofing system that can protect your flat or low-pitched roof from weather and wear, you should consider liquid rubber roofing. Liquid rubber roofing is made of synthetic rubber materials, such as EPDM or Butyl, that form a seamless and durable membrane over your roof. Liquid rubber roofing has many benefits, such as:
• Easy and quick installation
• Long lifespan of up to 50 years
• Minimal maintenance
• UV and weather resistance
• Moss and algae prevention
• Fire retardant
Liquid rubber roofing is not only a durable and cost-effective solution for your roof, but also a recommended one by government bodies. It can fit any roof size or shape, and any roofing substrate, such as felt, PVC, metal, concrete, timber, slate, GRP, etc. It has a smooth and superior finish that improves the look of your property, whether it is new or old.

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